Cast and Crew


   Inanna  played by Ariel Schrag

   Lilith played by Anna Sochynsky

   Gilgamesh as a child played by Darnell Bryant

.   Gilgamesh played by Owen Everett

   The Snake played by python “Alabastien”

   The Anzu Bird played by griffon vulture “Harvey”


   Director, producer and composer Molly Axtmann

   Photography Julia Fuller

   Costumes and Make-up Ami Najee

 Huluppu Tree scupture created by Joey Lent 
with painting by Valerie Schrag

   Snake handler Thom Moyer

   Bird handler Corri Fair


Liza Wallace harp

   Alice Lenaghan flute

   Peter Josheff Bass clarinet

   Rachel Durling violin

David Brin cello

Daniel Stephens viola

   Molly Axtmann piano, composition

Paul Tumolo recording

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